About SY-NC

youth driven leadership

We improve local communities, services and the lives of children, young people and families through community-led and youth driven leadership.

Increasing numbers of children, young people and families within our city are adversely affected by high poverty levels, serious violence, school exclusions, mental health issues, exploitation, and offending, driven by inequality in the city.

Given the scale and complexity of issues that young people are facing, there is a need and an opportunity to collaborate across both statutory and community partners to develop a shared purpose and approaches to working with young people in their communities.

The SY-NC project aims to develop skills and capacity by bringing together and supporting Area Hubs in key areas of Sheffield. The lead hub partner will coordinate activities to build lasting relationships and deliver youth-led community development.

We work with:

Schools, community centres, business support organisations, local authorities, event organisers, support services, and housing associations.

What we believe

We envision a city in which all young people, regardless of where they live or their background, have equitable access to the opportunity to actualise their dreams and realise their potential.


To create equity, we must place people at the heart of change.  Young people, their families and communities thrive when they’re empowered to make their own choices and decisions.

Community-led development

People should be able to control and use their own assets and insight to influence what happens in communities and therefore influence policy making and investment in the city.


Collaboration, sharing experiences and learning are key elements to our shared success.  Coming together in hubs of groups, organisations and networks strengthens peoples’ voices. If we join things up we discover the abundance of talent, skill, experience, and opportunity.

Youth driven leadership

Children and young people are our future leaders.  When we channel their ability to dream and create new narratives, we can create change worthy of their future.  We can learn from young people in this space to tackle the barriers they see and empower them to overcome them.
Placing children & young people at the heart of change

Bringing people together is at the heart of our partnerships. The SY-NC Area Hubs focus on engaging young people and community members and providing development tools that will enable them to co-produce meaningful local projects and activities.

We recognise and draw on the expertise of young people with lived experience of the issues affecting our communities to build their confidence and ability to lead, support and empower others, together with access to the resources needed to make activities happen.

Get involved


SY-NC’s Empowerment

This year we’re launching SY-NC’s Empowerment Fund to support organisations and groups city-wide. 

We’re working together with local organisations to break down barriers of inequality, improve community places and spaces, and prevent exploitation through youth driven community-led leadership.

If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch with us for more information.

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