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Manor & Castle Development Trust

Manor and Castle Development Trust (MCDT) is a community development organisation set up in 1997 to work with local people to regenerate the neighbourhoods in the Manor and Castle ward. They have worked with their partners and local people to make a real difference in people’s lives and the local community for over 25 years, delivering a range of community activities and services and meeting local needs.

Their core work is community development, and they continue to work with local people to address the issues that matter most to the community. Some of the services they offer include training, help to find work, health and social prescribing, advocacy, support for families and positive activities for children and young people.

They have a Youth Hub, offering employment, training and support to young people referred to by the DWP. They work with an Alternative Education Provider to develop an Education and Training resource centre for children and young people. They are also the accountable body for the HAF programme in the East of Sheffield, providing positive activities with food for over 2000 children and young people annually.


MCTD x SY-NC goals

Together we will strengthen and build the existing Youth and Community Providers Forum by creating more opportunities for collaboration and a sustainable platform to address some of the serious challenges facing this community.

We will bring expertise to support the re-building of the infrastructure needed to help children, young people and families with the issues facing them in the next 2 – 3 years.
By working with existing community assets, we’ll improve accessibility for young people locally and focus on developing peer-led projects and mentoring to work with young people who are the most disaffected.

We want to understand the impact of the widening inequalities and worsening financial hardship on young people and their families, particularly mental health and criminal exploitation, much of which is hidden.
We’re also going to recruit, train and support volunteers to seed fund new provision for children and young people to fill the current gap.

To find out more information about Manor and Castle Development Trust please go to www.manorandcastle.org.uk

We work with local people to address the issues that matter to them and the wider local community.

Manor & Castle Development Trust

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We work to really listen and understand  the issues that face young people in Sheffield. 

By partnering with local organisations and groups, we’re able to identify & address local community issues of inequality, placing young people at the centre to create lasting change. 

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Manor & Castle Development Trust

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