What we do

Community first
Improving places and spaces belonging to communities by placing people at the centre.
Too many of our community places and spaces feel inaccessible to young people and community members for various reasons, such as being unaffordable, unsafe, or perceived territorial boundaries.

Our project tackles this inaccessibility by using our community assets. We involve young people and community members by encouraging a sense of ownership of community spaces, identifying what improvements are needed and taking action to achieve them.

This may be through activities such as clean-ups and projects to enhance existing spaces or by participating in planning and decision-making through area hub partnerships.

To find out more about our Area Hubs and what’s happening in your area, click here.

“Before this work began, my community wasn’t engaged with services or support.  People felt nervous about asking for help from services.”

Member of Dryden Connected

Children & young people

We cultivate youth driven leadership by being a catalyst for the abundance of talent, skill, experience and opportunity. 

We believe that children and young people are our future leaders. By giving them the opportunity to grow, create new narratives, and create their own life paths, lasting community change will happen. 


We work in partnership with stakeholders to improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

Consultation with South Yorkshire Police and other statutory partners has enabled us to identify areas of the city where young people are most affected by crime, multiple deprivation and as a result, exploitation.

Voluntary & Community Sector

We have a shared purpose and approach to working with young people in their communities. 

Our project has been developed, piloted, and is led by the Voluntary and Community sector in Sheffield.

Our Area Hubs

We work to really listen and understand  the issues that face young people in Sheffield. 

By partnering with local organisations and groups, we’re able to identify & address local community issues of inequality, placing young people at the centre to create lasting change. 

Reach Up Youth


Darnall Wellbeing


Manor & Castle Development Trust

The Circle, 33 Rockingham Lane, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4FW, United Kingdom