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With every generation Sheffield is reborn

We want to take our city to new heights by breaking down barriers of inequity, reimagining the futures of our young people.

We’re partnering with local organisations and groups to become Area Hubs to strengthen their capacity to manage local needs and complex social issues affecting young people. Rather than prescribe what kind of support we think young people need,  we want to listen to the lived experience of young people and the community, so we can plan and design meaningful support for what they need the most.

This support can look like positive parenting skills, physical, emotional, and mental health support, education and skills development, and a sense of community spirit and citizenship. Our partnerships with local-level organisations and groups give our young people a solid start in life with learning and capacity-building opportunities throughout their youth.

Building a movement

To make a lasting change in the lives of young people, we want to re-build Sheffield’s voluntary sector youth service through a collective movement. Knowledge sharing, peer exchange and amplifying the voice of young people are critical to building a community of learning.
By partnering with local organisations and groups on the ground, we can enhance their efforts by helping to build their stamina, agility and capacity to flourish.

Through shared goal-setting with our Area Hubs, we blend real lived-in experiences with best industry practices and the resources to deliver bespoke activities that place young people at the centre.

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