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Reach Up Youth

Reach Up Youth are a community organisation established in the Burngreave area in 2013, building bridges between the community, residents, youth, and services. 

Their aim is to provide a programme of social educational and recreational activities within a safe and secure environment, which encourages young people to reach their full potential.

They provide a local network group that encourages and enables members of the Black, Asian & Ethnic Minority community to get involved with their local community by promoting sports, recreational and health awareness.

Reach Up Youth x SY-NC goals

We believe in the power of centering the voices of young people and their narratives. Through our partnership, we aim to make space for what young people have to say through Youth Think Tanks to collect stories, data and identify futures mentors to ensure sustainability. 

We will map current youth projects and mentors to support and strengthen in the Burngreave and Firth Park area, and connect with existing partnerships and authorities to create more pathways to tackle exploitation. 

To find out more about Reach Up Youth and how to get involved in their activities go to www.reachupyouth.co.uk/

Passionate about community cohesion and equality for all

Reach Up Youth

Our Area Hubs

We work to really listen and understand  the issues that face young people in Sheffield. 

By partnering with local organisations and groups, we’re able to identify & address local community issues of inequality, placing young people at the centre to create lasting change. 

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